Our Story

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TC-Uptimer was founded by Thomas Nounezi in July 2014.

Thomas Nounezi is a licensed reliability training specialist with over 30 years of industrial field and classroom experience in Operations Technology and Engineering Reliability Analysis.

His knowledge and experience have helped many organizations save large amounts of money and time by enacting custom failure elimination strategies.


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He holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and majored in Materials Science & Engineering Reliability and Failure Analysis from the University of Ottawa. Thomas has a combined technical and academic skill set that make him an expert in applying and training on improvement policy, processes and practices. He has designed and developed training curricula and contents and streamlined sophisticated concepts to make them easily applicable.

Thomas’ training sessions helped to create within many organizations a profit based maintenance strategy and reliability culture that yield sustainable reliability excellence.

Thomas is very passionate about his field and has a profound understanding of reliability engineering. During the last two decades, he has trained people at various levels to drive effective and continuous improvement processes for several industrial and governmental organizations. His training has helped many organizations save large amounts of money and time as their employees became aware and advised to perform value-creating operation and repair decisions, accurate testing, data collection, and failure elimination strategies.


• American Society of Quality Certified Reliability engineer CRE
• Masters of Applied Sciences Mechanical engineering University of Ottawa 2012
• Bachelor Degrees of Mechanical Engineering; Education
• Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) SAIT Calgary
• Certificate for Vocational training Institute for Professional Education Mannheim Germany

Our team is made up of highly experienced and passionate trainers with years of field and management expertise.

We help operators, millwrights, technicians and engineers increase their maintenance, operations and management skills.

These skills help our trainees to live, interact and partner with the machines they work with. Our training is for those both on the front lines as well as those who work in supervisory positions. Our passion for engineering reliability inspires us to continually create and develop new tools and techniques for our valued clients.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to be the leader in fostering reliability and precision-based maintenance, operations and management skills through individual training designed to fill in missing skill gaps for each trainee.

These gaps, once filled, help companies lower maintenance costs, increase life cycles of their heavy duty machines and manufacturing plants and ultimately be more successful.

Business Goal

Through training and consultancy, Help design, manufacturing, operation and production companies to:

Reduce procurement’, operations’, and maintenance’s cost to the lowest possible.

Lift and sustain asset’s availability, productivity; product and services quality; projects’ return on investment.