Our dedicated client base consists of forward-looking companies who are committed to reliability-focused operations and maintenance.

We also frequently provide training to individuals such as operators, millwrights, technicians, engineers and lead engineers, who want to stand out in their career for high quality products and services. This includes new graduates and junior engineers moved by high quality processes, operations and performances.

Anyone who is looking for an efficient, cost-effective maintenance and operation program will greatly benefit from one of TC-Uptimer’s courses.

Our first-rate training puts your company at an advantage. Dominate your industry by ensuring your funds are directed to projects and developments that actually profit your business Don’t waste time and money on repairs that could have been prevented!


Our Growing Clients list includes:

Dragon Oil LTD. Masters Consultants

Pakistan Petroleum Limited

Canadian Natural Resources limited CNRL

Prime Quality Nigeria Southern Power generation

Food Processing, Ghana Food processing Plant

Douala Electric Power plant

SQ International

Cameroon Rail, Optima Manufacturing

Western Transportation Ltd, Momentum

UNI strategic

Lumiant Corporation Calgary

OMEGA manufacturing Calgary

What clients say about us