“Machines are not just machines; they are the main partners and the business doers; faithful but uncompromising. Without them there is no business.”

“All the maintenance philosophy in the world will not help you, if you can’t put your machines together properly in the first place!” – Author

As partners, our machines deserve a profit share, to be listened to, to be watched and trusted. We should seek to understand their real needs; we should care for them and protect them from harm. By doing so, any failure that occurs is as a priceless opportunity to learn how to better aid our machines, and help them to work more efficiently and productively towards a longer lifespan. If equipment is properly designed, set up, operated and maintained and treated like a partner instead of a machine, it will provide more than just functional competency. It will have a good service life, create high quality products, be ready and available and create a strong ROI.