Train Consult Uptimer courses and consultancy services provide the Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management (PWW EAM) methodology as a business solution for getting utmost operating profits from plant and equipment. The scope of application includes but is not limited to: Energy, Utilities, Resources, and Manufacturing, Processing.


How Does PWW Work?

The Plant Wellness Way works by eliminating the causes of your assets’ operating risks from throughout the life cycle of your plant and equipment.

We put world class plant and equipment reliability into your operation through your company’s EAM system that “locks success in place”.


Are you starting your industrial business?

It’s best to put PWW into green-field sites and get world class operating performance from the first day.


Are you already in the business?

You can use PWW to lift brown-field site production results—it can get you substantial operating profit improvement—but it requires more effort than for a green field site. If your operation is not world class, then you can use our Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to build a straight path to reach the heights of enterprise asset management success and generate new operating fortunes in months.


By getting your workforce trained, your company can bank the utmost operating profits from its physical assets.

  • Outstanding physical asset reliability your operation’s normal result of your business strategies.
  • Your operating assets should already be delivering world class operating profits from their world class reliability and performance.
  • When an EAM system is designed and built to give you highly reliable operating assets and processes, you can bank massive operating fortunes.
  • If you don’t yet have world class reliable plant and equipment, then you are not getting anywhere near the operating profits your site can generate.
  • Until your EAM system is world class, you are losing fortunes every day.

To continually minimize operating asset risk, to know how to make plant and equipment reliable, we infuse ISO 55001 EAM systems with the Plant Wellness Way.


Use Systems Engineering and Operating Risk Elimination to Redesign Your Processes for World Class Success



The above business decision will:

  • Eliminate countless safety incidents,
  • Slash your maintenance costs, and
  • Continually get exceptional plant uptime and asset utilization