It is established that 80% of asset and processes failures result from human errors. Training is beneficial and would yield expected return on investment only if an insightful diagnostic consultancy have been performed to identify real bad actors. We use physics of failures models, PWW, LRS, with relevant standards; to assist our customers’ asset and processes reliability assessment and planning. It will be meaningless to consider training as the only strategy for reliability improvement in a company without a holistic reliability policy. In this collaborative partnership develop reliability program integrating various strategies.

Operations, Maintenance and Design Managers, Supervisors, and Superintendents

Join me to gain a deeper understanding reliability best practices. The PWW/ LRS models of my custom courses specify how to:

– Set goals for your activities, develop, standardize and benchmark your processes.
– Use our simplified and effective tools and techniques for your businesses and systems’ risk identification, assessment, elimination, and mitigation.

Your analysis help to prioritize your projects, activities, investments, your workforce collect valuable data and produce reports that help good business decisions:

– Increase operations and Maintenance excellence and costs benefits
– Achieve maintenance and operation cost reduction strategies and best practices.
– Use Problem solving strategies and best practices.
– Instruct your crews, enable them to perform their different tasks right the first time, and self-check them.

Engineers, Supervisors, planners, schedulers

Learn Physics of failures factors analysis methodologies to foresee defects or failure incidents risk and prevent them from reoccurring.

– Predict, detect, eliminate, prevent failures risks; choose, plan and schedule least cost and most effective solutions
– Dominate your role, map and benchmark your processes to make them more visual and reliable.
– Benchmark and set up measurable, achievable, and realistic KPI,
– Instruct your crew with effective and achievable goals and
– Guide them the right way toward targets.

Operators, Maintainers, Millwrights, Machinists

Come and see how to do it yourself. Don’t let somebody else tell you what is wrong with your job. Error-proof and self-check, and monitor ongoing tasks. Produce accurate and value creating reports.




We support and follow-up our trainees by staying in contact, being available to answer individual questions, and supporting the implementation through PWW EAM consultancy services. This helps in putting the learning into practice to deliver operational excellence results in Plant and Equipment Reliability Creation that Maximizes Operating Profits and Minimizes Your Maintenance Costs.


Get great value-for-money world class maintenance consultants and life-cycle asset management consultants who deliver successful equipment reliability solutions that let you get operational excellence results.


Find out how working with TC UPTIMER Consultants gets you, new Maintenance, Reliability and Operational Excellence successes.


– Industry Maintenance Consultants to help you set-up best practice maintenance processes, install precision maintenance skills and build a truly useful CMMS in your operation. Our years of practical, hands-on expertise and insights will save you a great amount of time and money.

– Enterprise Asset Management Consultants integrates operational, maintenance and asset management strategies and methods into a business-wide, life cycle solution.

– Maintenance Management and Maintenance Audits shows you where to make changes in your maintenance strategy and maintenance practices to surely lift your maintenance performance and maintenance results.

– Machinery Precision Maintenance Consultant for equipment failure prevention and defect elimination using precision maintenance work skills to get reliable machinery and mechanical equipment.

– Process Improvement and Operations Consultants for Production Success

– Operational Excellence Consultants who change your company into a world class operational and production performer so you can release the fortunes long hidden in your business.

– Business Process Improvement Consultants with the Plant Wellness Way to identify the business process improvement opportunities you have to create new and sustained competitive advantage.

– Maximum Profit Production with a system-of-reliability in your operation that successfully stops maintenance problems and rapidly improves reliability and production results.

To get Maintenance, Reliability and Operational Excellence successes, Contact Us.